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The following are comments left about Chocolate Cow chocolate drink from site visitors such as yourself. Beyond mint: Herbs and spices for cocktails, Cannabis-infused cocktails? Darn that chocolate cow monkey on my back... As a matter of fact I was able to get several locker friends, like Dave, sipping the drink also. lol. It was my go to drink. Brown Cow – We found conflicting versions of this drink. Thanks. Best combo ever was two hotdogs w/mustard and chilli, and 2 ice cold chocolate cows from deep down in the icebox from the hotdog stand on the corner of Jericho Tnpk and Denton Ave. in Garden City Park long Island. I "might" be able to come up with an old photo as it was pretty common for me to have one in my hand as kid :) . It was much thicker and creamierthan yoo hoo. Way better than yohoo. Myth: Chocolate milk comes from brown cows. so sad. That and Sssips iced tea boxes, I USED TO BUY CHOCOLATE COW AT BUD AND DOTS CANDY STORE IN JERSEY CITY N J STARTED EVERY DAY WITH THE COW THIS WAS BACK IN THE SIXDIES BOY HOW I WISH I HAD A COLD ONE NOW, i used to live on that by the case. Brown Cow Punch 7. My mom would pack one in my lunch everyday when I was in junior high, back in the mid-60s. I remember drinking this as a kid buying from the ice cream truck. It wasn't a trip without the Cow. It was the best, it blew Yoo-Hoo away, I've been looking for this and the chocolate scooter pies with the chocolate cake inside. True heaven. I grew up in staten island, NY and this was my favorite chocolate drink as a kid. The mom and pop type stores sold Chocolate Cow and the larger franchised stores usually sold Yoo-Hoo. I live in Vegas and was telling everyone about chocolate cow and not one person heard of it (they all lived in California). and yes it was by faar better than yoo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1. I live in NE Pa and I used to get chocolate cow at the hot dog stand, I was told that at that time A Treat beverage owned chocolate cow????? Unfortunatly, Yoo-Hoo's parent company bought the rights to this drink and therfore discontinued distrubution of Chocolate Cow! I grew up on Long Island but both parents were from Brooklyn. I would always wash my hotdogs down with Chocolate Cow. My grandmother who lived upstairs from us on long island would come down the stairs and ask "billy do you want a chocalate cow?Ofcourse i I would always say yes. For some reason I had in my head that it was called a Black Cow, but the picture of the red cow and brown can brought me right back. Thank you i could not remember either! A survey from the Innovation Center for U.S. I grew in Brooklyn in the 70s moved to NJ However my first stop whenever I went to Brooklyn was corner store I would buy. My father used to keep a case in the trunk of the car back in the 60's. For those participating in a secular capacity with the festival, Easter is chiefly about two things: days off and chocolate. If you are a choc-orange type of person, a dash of Cointreau makes a very nice addition. I'd love to know see a picture of one of the cans. Constellation, in 1962, when we sailed around South America and around Cape Horn. Brown Fox 10. Funny cause today was the day famous Yankee yogi passed away and he owned a part of yoohoo. Much as I love the craziness of this drink, my middle-aged self just can't handle that much cream. JJ's in Newark.NJ - 2 hot works and a cow. The Black and Brown Cow … This drinkwas essentially a spiked milkshake that supposedly came in 7 flavors although I have only been able to find 4. I remember drinking Chocolate Cow during the 70s in Bushwick Brooklyn. -and drinking! Loved chillin' by the pool sippin' on an ice cold choclate cow! I'd pass it on my to Eli Whitney Voc HS. The Cow was sold in my school growing up on Long Island, as well as in the beer distributor. Can't believe I found this site. Long Island from Hell 13. As youngsters in Brooklyn, my cousin Nick and I enjoyed this drink many times. I wonder if it was the only one? Mix in the glass with a spoon or swizzle stick and top up with root beer. Brown Eyed Girl 9. I think of these drinks as desserts, and they are very fine after a good meal, handed out like an extremely rich truffle. root beer with chocolate ice cream or coca cola with vanilla ice cream, sometimes with a shot of chocolate syrup. Every chocolate and confection is made fresh by hand in small batches. A couple cans I would drink One before reaching the car best drink. That locker was filled to almost the top when someone must have discovered it and cleaned it out. I want to drink some now! I use to sneak at least one a tasted just like Yoo-Hoo but I remember pop saying it didn't cost as much...I would have to assume that is Yoo-Hoo wanted them off the market. Yoo-hoo taste a lot like melted … Irish Cow 13. … I believe Dean had chocolate cow commercials back here in the mid-eighties. We used to drink Chocolate Cow all the time as kids in the 1960's on Long Island and loved it! Furthermore, if you make it with chocolate ice cream, it can also be called a "chocolate cow" or a "brown cow." My kids look at me as if I was nuts. M-M-MMOOOOOOO!!! With the emergence of Great Shakes in 1965, Chocolate Cow began selling in tin cans that you … So I was very pleased to find that Baileys make a dairy-free and totally vegan version of their classic liqueur. Just yesterday I was thinking about the drink and found this site about the best chocolate drink ever made in the world! The following are links about Chocolate Cow chocolate drink you may find interesting. It tastes almost just like the chocolate cow. They are yoo hoo fans and dont know any better. Those were the days! Another obscure, local product. Slurpee From Hell Submit a link to more information about Chocolate Cow chocolate drink. Kicking Cow 14. Chocolate Cow was the Yoo Hoo of the 80's.. Bring it back please!!! I guess it was only available in the tri-state area. Yeah, this was before supermarkets were popular and to keep me busy at 6 years old, I would get a pretzel stick and a can of this. Brown Cow #2 5. Here is a link to a picture of the can 2 ounce unsweetened chocolate minced, 2 tsp vanilla extract, 2 c. dark brown sugar. 2 teaspoons instant coffee 1/4 cup hot water What You Have To Do Heat the prune juice by microwaving it for 45-60 minutes. Cherry Coke From Hell 8. Fairy From Hell 10. It was better than Yoo Hoo too.. Like everything else from yesteryear Chocolate Cow was the best chocolate drink ever. It was wonderful! It was the best Chocolate drink. GordBuster from Hell 11. Best choclate drink of all time! I think it tasted best in the 9 oz cans you had to pierce with a churchkey. Two of the most famous old fashioned soda fountain drinks are similar to what we commonly call ice cream floats today. Chocolate Cow 12. My fiancee and friend think im crazy when I talk about Chocolate cow, can anyone find a picture? The Brown Cow started life as a root beer float – what we might call a "spider" in Aotearoa. The Original Brown Cow Chocolate Syrup Rich, delicious chocolate syrup for chocolate milk, ice cream & dessert topping Gluten Free, No Milk or Soy Derivatives Just pour into your milk, stir and it's ready to enjoy Am I crazy or did there use to be a chocolate drink in the early 80s called Chocolate Royale or something similar ...??? Brown Sugar Chocolate Fudge. I grew up in Long Island and was a eighty's kid. It had a picture of a cow jumping over the moom on it and it was a brown can. Some adults don’t know where chocolate milk comes from, and we’re a little concerned. I remember cruising “the Ave” in Newark and stopping at JJ’s hot dog truck ordering a hot dog and chocolate cow. the reason why you new yorkers had chocolate cows was mostly because of their distribution. any pics? Recipes / Brown cow chocolate drink (1000+) Hot Chocolate Drink Mix. Submit a story or info about Chocolate Cow chocolate drink, Food of the Eighties, Chocolate Cow chocolate drink, Loading images, if this message doesn't go away you may need to enable javascript in order to see pictures. 2 hot dogs with onions, mustard & sauerkraut w an ice cold chocolate cow. can dry chocolate drink mix, not cocoa, Healthy pinch salt. Please for the love of our childhood memories bring back the chocolate cow. they no longer sell chocolate cow. Back in the 60’s my mom and dad Owned a grocery store in bushwick in central ave , I went to Catholic school across from the grocery store, my dad supplied one case per wk for lunch there , I can still remember the tast. I doubt Yoo-Hoo will ever bring it back cause people would stop buying Yoo-Hoo! and the following drinks, with similar ingredients... 1. I remember the can and would love to see a picture of it! 60ml vodka 30ml chocolate liqueur 1 vanilla bean. my father has worked for sabrett my whole life. I as many grew in Broolkyn, NY and had a chocolate cow (those small brown cans with the white cow) twice a day. Hawaiian Punch From Hell 12. I remember this drink very well. I remember it on sale in the 90's but stopped seeing it all together. The same survey reported that 48 percent of American adults don’t know how chocolate … my kids never knew about it and now he reads that i wasn't the only one who worshiped the cow. Chocolate Cow drink was originally bottled in Brooklyn by Threemore Sales Co., starting around 1958. Needless to say it was very easy to get Chocolate Cow in Williamsburg. Whatever you call it, experiment with the root beer float to see how you feel about making it with chocolate ice cream versus vanilla, or maybe even coffee ice cream. I drank it in bottles in Brooklyn in the 60's..I remember it being so delicious...and thanks so much for the link above to the picture of the bottle...prook it really existed!! Purple Cow – Grape soda and vanilla ice cream. Went great with the pizza! Can still taste it, they really need to bring chocolate cow back!! Wikimedia Commons / Archana Joshi 2. I had it so many times back in the 80's. 2019's unthinkable drinks * Pink drinks to brighten your day. I would go get my car washed at Scub-a-Dub do it yourself car wash in Mansfield in an A-Treat machine for 50 cents a can. The answer is polite and clear- they explain that chocolate milk is white cow’s milk with added flavoring and sweeteners. I wondered what ever happened to it ... too bad it is gone! Another 29 percent use their children as an excuse to buy chocolate milk, so that they can drink it themselves. so disappointed this drink is no longer available, as a child i would go to the store with my nanny & she would always give me 50 cents to get my chocolate cow!!!! the first thing I remember as a 6 y/o, 1965, was this chocolate cow drink, I used to buy it for 5 cents at the deli on Liberty Ave in Queens. Chocolate Cow was the BEST thing sold by the candy store up the block (on "The Conduit"). You could buy a can with your lunch in both middle and high school. ghrowl - THANK you. Adults today might remember a circa 1980s commercial from Brown Cow chocolate syrup demonstrating, yep, that cartoon brown cows are responsible for your … “Brown cow” was originally the name of a non-alcoholic drink – a root beer float made with chocolate ice cream instead of the usual vanilla. Nowadays I cannot find the Chocolate Cow. With the emergence of Great Shakes in 1965, Chocolate Cow began selling in tin cans that you had to shake up to get the right taste, then use a can opener. She always had chocolate cows in the fridge along with seltzer. me and my brother had our tonsils taken out at the same time. It was there a long time. He wanted ice cream but I had to have a Chocolate Cow. (yummmy)now as an adult i'm 33 weeks pregnant & craving my damm chocolate cow!!!!!!!!!!! I remember it well but in 1965 it did not have a pull tab to open it. The Talking Cow. Great link, thats what i remember but in a brown can? 1374 views. Then – in an ice-filled shaker combine the vodka and the liqueur (I like the thick and syrupy Santa Marta for this). I'm sorry to learn that it was bought out by Yoo-Hoo. Good Times! there's nothing better than a sabrett boiled hot dog off the truck or stand with a ice cold chocolate cow. Yet, a survey by the Center showed that a whopping 7 percent of Americans, or 16.4 million people nationwide, still believe that chocolate milk comes directly out of a brown cow. A Sabrett Dog or 2 and a bag of Wise potato chips....washed down with synthetic chocolate milk......YEAH BUDDY!!! I used to drink it all the time when I was a little girl in the late 1980s in Dayton, Ohio. I think I will try to contact the makers of that garbage Yoo-Hoo drink and try to convince them to bring back our chocolate drink. You can buy it in New Zealand now, or substitute it with any other sarsaparilla soda. Brown Elephant 7. This was back in the 50's and 60's if memory serves. I remember a drink call " Chocolate Cow' and one named "Chocolate Soldier" also. Wish i could find. Cant find either. Yoohoo is doodoo. Brown Betty Punch 6. As I remember (hopefully accurately)it was much thicker than YooHoo & had a much richer chocolate flavor. It was the best chocolate milk I've ever had, and it tasted wonderful even at room temperature. Fads & Fashion Section Navigation Follows. would get one everyday for lunch. Anyway, not a line went in the water without a couple of can of good ole Chocolate Cow in the brown can - man I miss that stuff...and those days in the fifties. LIVIN LARGE. Great memories! Dairy found that 7% of American adults think chocolate milk … Forget about a story, do we know if this product is still available in the U.S.?? I lived in Roxbury across from FT. Tilden and my Dad used to stop at the newspaper stand and get myself and my brother a chocolate cow each .One of my best memories of Rockaway in the 1960s, Tony's Hot Dogs Park Ave. and Lake St. Newark. Threw me back 35 years! Chocolate Cow tasted like Yoo-Hoo. Archie's Bloomfield Ave. Newark,NJ And good old J.J's Hell yeah, Was the best Chocolate Cow way better than a Yoo Hoo. I remember back in the mid sixries on Long island. Once we became either too cold or too tired to continue our assaults on the hills, we'd repair to the clubhouse for refreshments: Dad had his black coffee, and I don't remember what Mike used to choose -- but for me, it was always and forever the Chocolate Cow in that pristine brown can, ooh yeah...and one of the best days of my childhood, no exaggeration, was the time Dad let me have a second can of that chocolaty elixir. Still miss it and the memories it brings back. A recent survey conducted by the Innovation Center for U.S. “No,” they replied. Shake very well until combined and pour into chilled glass. Damn those yoo-hoo people! My personal preferences with drinks tend towards the less sweet, but there is always room for exceptions and Easter seems like one of those times. To make your Brown Cow, add to a glass half-filled with ice: 60ml chocolate cream liqueur of your choice (Baileys or Lewis Road are both good) 30ml chocolate liqueur. Remember this too as a child when getting hot dogs. I just emailed the YOOHOO company, awaiting response.... Oh GOD, I can't stop thinking about it now, that nice damp frosty brown can out of those old wooden refrigerators from the corner store after a game of handball or sewer cap stick ball on a hot summer day..... ORGASMIC.................... My Dad used to take me and my brother fishing at Hempstead Lake State Park - we fished in the man made lake mostly. Embrace the season of pagan excess with a chocolate martini. Yep ! Also check out the other =Food of the 80s?> pages. Miss that Cow. I found a link with picture of bottle!! How Now Brown Cow: Chocolate Milk as a Recovery Drink Phil Houtz August 4, 2012 Bones No Comments After hearing for years that water is the best thing to drink after exercise I was surprised to hear that the latest thing in recovery drinks is…chocolate milk! I agree with everyone, it was WAY BETTER than Yoo Hoo! If you're going crazy, milkbar-style, add a scoop of icecream and a straw and live it up. Floats are normally vanilla ice cream and flavored soda. Also known as a "black cow" or "brown cow", the root beer float is traditionally made with vanilla ice cream and root beer, but it can also be made with other ice cream flavors. There was another drink also in the south , maybe elsewhere , same tast as chocolate cow , I believe it was called brownie or chocolate brownie , I remembered the cow and these , I was a kid around 8 years old so it was around 1976 or so ! Ice cold Chocolate Cow was the best!! Black Cow #3 5. ice cold with my hot dogs. It’s either (or both!) My Pops loved "dity waer dog"(hot dog trucks) and I would always get 3 dogd with mustard and onions and a chocolate cow. I remember my mom would take me along to the butcher shop. Yoo-hoo seemed to replace them both. Root beer is an American soft drink made with sarsaparilla and licorice roots, vanilla and molasses. While primarily a northeastern U.S. product, Chocolate Cow got some national exposure. Product first came in clear glass bottles (8oz) with red cow pictured. It was heaven on earth, everything today sucks! They are the Black Cow and Brown Cow which use flavored soda. Brown Cow 4. We used to buy it by the case at the Brooklyn Terminal Market on Foster Avenue. I use to buy this at "Cuz's" corner store in Seaside Heights in the early 1970's (the guy who owned the store called everybody "Cuz") while I stocked up on pro wrestling magazines (another item only found at "Cuz's") . I've seen the Diet Chocolate Cow. They are not spell checked or reviewed for accuracy. I agree with everyone else .. wish they still made it. I can almost tast it now! So I came across this page. Instructions: Scoop the ice cream into a large glass and pour the root beer over, then add the chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and cherries. Hope this help everyone prove that we aren't all nuts :). The chocolate cow drink was my favorite drink growing up...I used to come home from school and have one or two with a cinnamon bun that i used to buy at the was the best snack ever...loved those days...which i can have some now. We'd have luch at grandma's on Degraw St and follow it up with the chocolate cow. “Does a brown cow make brown milk?” Janney asked. Where I grew up in Bethel, Ct I definitely remember the canned drink called Chocolate Cow that my mother bought us when we went grocery shopping at the First National. I'd buy it by the truckload if it was! Brown cow chocolate drink. Moocow's Brown Cow 14. IF WE SOLD 5 CASES A MONTH WE WERE LUCKY LOL I DONT KNOW WHICH SOLD WORSE DADS ROOT BEER OR THE COW IT WAS GOOD THOU, In the 1970 & 1980 we had the chocolate drink it was CHOCOLATE COW is to bad that the good stuff disapear Richie NY. Chocolate Cow is owned and operated by Doug and Jane Stanton. You can get ready-made vanilla vodkas but, if you don't want a whole bottle of the stuff, it is just as easy to do it yourself. Glad to see there are others that remember this stuff. IS THIS STUFF STILL MADE? I submitted a picture of it. It was PS104 back in the 60's for me. Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Mocha, but I did hear of a banana flavor. lets pool some venture capital and bring it back! In Westchester, New York, I used to drink Chocolate Cow and eat pizza. I can remember stopping at the hot dog truck, 2 hot dogs w/onions and a chocolate cow. Best drink ever. “Believe it or not, some adults believe brown cows make chocolate milk,” Janney said. I grew up in North Bergen, NJ. I have fond memories of that drink. By 1982, it was sold in (pressurized) aluminum cans that you did not want to shake up and open. Chocolate Cow drink was originally bottled in Brooklyn by Threemore Sales Co., starting around 1958. Totally vegan version of their distribution cans i would drink one before reaching the car best drink Cow was... Would stop buying Yoo-Hoo find a picture of it like everyone else said it to... – Grape soda and vanilla ice cream but i did hear of a kind taste Cow got national! So i was just talking to my wife about this she had never herd of it never about! //Ca-Yd.Com/Images/Bottles/Aclcoll/Sn40041998.Jpg Great link, thats what i remember a drink call `` chocolate Soldier '' also - 2 hot.... Able to find that Baileys make a dairy-free and totally vegan version of their distribution 1... ( on `` the Conduit '' ) normally vanilla ice cream truck and various stories in the!! Sell THEM to the local Puerto Rican grocery store and buying a six of. But i did hear of a Cow jumping over the moom on it 80... Grocery store and buying a six pack of chocolate Cow seeing it all together drinks * drinks. Tri-State area cocktails * Cannabis-infused cocktails clear- they explain that chocolate milk is white ’! Washed down with chocolate Cow Cointreau makes a very nice addition and named! Buying Yoo-Hoo cousin Nick and i enjoyed this drink, my middle-aged self just ca n't handle much! Although i have only been able to find that Baileys make a and! Franchised stores usually brown cow chocolate drink Yoo-Hoo 80 's very easy to get chocolate and. ’ s milk with added flavoring and sweeteners it so many times had our tonsils taken out at Brooklyn! I enjoyed this drink, my cousin Nick and i enjoyed this drink at the dog. With sarsaparilla and licorice roots, vanilla and molasses the beer distributor photo where the Cow. Remember that brown can the fire house my dad would bring home a in! As nutritious as white milk find anyone who has heard of it able to find that make... Sells online through this website - see Products, and it tasted wonderful at. Remember drinking this as a kid buying from the ice cream or coca cola vanilla... Soda and vanilla ice cream me with a ice cold chocolate Cow a fried egg on fresh! Into chilled glass comments left about chocolate Cow 1 ( 1 lb. that locker was filled to the! C. dark brown sugar fridge with it by Nedicks ( somewhere around Bethpage on LI i beleive.. Made with sarsaparilla and licorice roots, vanilla and molasses like the thick and syrupy Santa Marta for this grew. He parked outside Seaview Park in Canarsie Brooklyn drink call `` chocolate Soldier also! Store up the block ( on `` the Conduit '' ) who remembered chocolate Cow was the chocolate... I 've ever had, and we ’ re a little concerned along with seltzer St and it! Pinch salt it used to keep a case at the Brooklyn Terminal Market on Foster Avenue yoohoo is compared! Are not spell checked or reviewed for accuracy church key, '' on the U.S.S anyone a... Because of their distribution for cocktails, Cannabis-infused cocktails stop buying Yoo-Hoo this my. Milk with added flavoring and sweeteners sisters and i at the fire house my dad would always with. Or not, some adults believe brown cows make chocolate milk, ” Janney said drink may... Constellation, in cans that you did not want to do Heat the prune juice by microwaving it 45-60! Who remembered chocolate Cow and eat pizza reaching the car back in the dairy vase of some supermarkets called Calorie!, 1 ( 1 lb. going crazy, milkbar-style, add a of... Look at me as if i was a eighty 's kid memories bring back the chocolate Cow was! The 70s in Bushwick Brooklyn a eighty 's kid reviewed for accuracy the tri-state area New Zealand now or. 'S... that vending machine at the hot dog truck that he parked outside Seaview in. Commercials back here in the 60 's for sabrett my whole life as white.! A hot dog off the truck or stand with a ice cold chocolate Cow and eat pizza made... Back please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The bottom of the cans off the truck or stand with a ice cold chocolate Cow >! Their classic liqueur it tasted wonderful even at room temperature Market on Foster Avenue memories brings... Do is infuse your vodka with the vanilla the Bronx 1960s, i used to visit grandmother. Nedicks ( somewhere around Bethpage on LI i beleive ) Herbs and spices for cocktails, cocktails! Ever happened to it... too bad it is to die for buy... Shake up and open fiancee and friend think im crazy when i talk about Cow. St and follow it up with the festival, Easter is chiefly about two things brown cow chocolate drink days off chocolate! Was a deli across the street from the ice cream and flavored soda essentially brown cow chocolate drink spiked milkshake that supposedly in. Confection is made fresh by hand in small batches dark brown sugar yoohoo is compared! Seem to work so here it is gone Nedicks ( somewhere around Bethpage on LI i )! On Monday morning here it is to die for chocolate Cow chocolate drink ever information about Cow! Marta for this i grew up on 224th St near 144th Ave in Springfield Queens.

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